McAllister Placerville Sprint Body (Complete with Wings)

Regular price $75.99

-This the 2020, 2022 RC Chili Bowl and 2020 Motorama winning body! 

-Complete Sprint body set for Custom Works v2 Cage


-Includes: Nose, Streamline hood, Pre-trimmed side panels, Tail tank, Exhaust headers, **Large front wing kit, and *7x7 Top wing kit. 

-Will come clear and unpainted with overspray film 

-All formed body parts are made from .030 Lexan, body sides are made from .020 Lexan

-Extremely durable design

-Easy to assemble with easy to see cut lines and dimples marked for screw holes

*Top wing kit includes #435: Center section (7x7), left and right side panels, 20 black nylon screws and nuts, wing mount, and one pair of .030 wing braces 

**Large Front wing kit includes #433: Center section, 2 side panels, 7 black nylon screws and nuts, and .030 standard front wing mount.

-Made in the USA with 100% USA materials 

(If you would like more information on the specifics of the wings, please see their listings)